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Magnetic Vibration Air Pump

Model Number:



90L/H Air Pump
1 Outlet
Dimensions: 135 x 70 x 55mm/ 5.3" x 2.7" x 2"
Air Pump Output: 1.5L/Min
Watt: 3w
Voltage: 220v
12 Month warranty


Long life and low-frequency operation for continuous use.
Locate Unit above Water Level to Prevent Water Flowing Backwards (or fit with a non-return valve)
Flow controller

Product Description:

This air pump is ideally suited to supplying air pressure to under gravel and box filters, air stones and protein skimmers which use ceramic air stones.

Name : YT-301

Model  Voltage Power Pressure  Output  Weight Dimensions

YT-301  220V/50Hz  2.5w  0.012MPa  1.5L/min  0.27kg   105*70*55mm

YT-301C 220V/50Hz  3.0w  0.012MPa  1.5L/min  0.29kg   135*70*55mm

YT-302  220V/50Hz  2.5w  0.015MPa  2*1.5L/min  0.29kg   105*70*55mm

YT-302C 220V/50Hz  3.0w  0.015MPa  2*1.5L/min  0.29kg   105*70*55mm

YT-304  220V/50Hz  8.5w  0.013MPa  4*1.5L/min  0.93kg   198*145*96mm

YT-8000 220V/50Hz  8.0w  0.015MPa  2*1.5L/min  2.0kg   230*153*75mm

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